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Alessandra advises executives, investment teams and entrepreneurs on their communication strategy.

Have you ever wondered how some poeple seem to be getting everything they want? Why are they succesful at meetings? Why are they so good at selling? How can they turn an inconvenient question into one that shapes their career?

Learn how to communicate effectively in every situation.

We provides advisory and execution services to design and deliver impactful communication in concrete business situations. ​

For individuals wishing to raise their profile, build gravitas or position their personal brand to prepare for their next internal promotion or to position themselves for opportunities.

  • Executive Branding

  • Gravitas & Leadership

  • Public speaking & stress management

  • Biography & CV positioning for senior executives

  • Roadshows 

  • Public speaking and elevator's pitches

  • Coaching of founders and management to build gravitas

  • Strategic business presentations​​

  • Inter-cultural communication


The key to a powerful address is the content, we can help you structure a speech in order to master the art of captivating your audience and persuasion, making the best use of anecdotes, case studies and facts, from delivering a strong opening to a powerful closing.

Whether you have a specific project in mind or want to improve the way in which you or your business communicates, we are ready to work together.

Contact us for more information. Let's start today.

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