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Executive Coach and
Impact Consultant.

I advise executives and entrepreneurs to improve their communication skills, self- confidence and leadership by combining executive coaching to identify purpose, goals and values to personal branding and storytelling in order to design high impact communication for individuals and organizations.



I am an ICF accredited Executive Coach (PCC) and Impact Consultant with a 10+ years experience working across Europe and the USA within organisations such as Sky, MTV, Vodafone and Conde Nast.


As a Leadership Development & Impact Consultant I advise executives, entrepreneurs and creatives on how to improve their communication, managerial and leadership skills. I do this by combining executive coaching to identify purpose, goals and values to inspiring storytelling in order to design high impact communication for individuals and organisations. 

I began my career as a journalist for SKY and MTV, and for several years I had the privilege of managing teams of talented executives and creatives in wonderful organisations around the world (Vodafone and in Condé Nast).

A few years ago, I asked a friend what she thought my superpower was. She answered that it was seeing what each person would be like if they were living to their full potential and inspiring them to achieve it. I have turned this into my career. I thrive in empowering people to reconnect with who they are, with their passions, with their talents, with their purpose and to walk alongside them as they redefine their concept of success and achieve it.

In 2016 I founded S-GNATURE, a collective of leaders from different industries who come together to share their expertise, stories and experiences but most of all to provide a bespoke coaching and learning experiences to develop thought leaders and to support professionals in achieving their full potential. 

I also work with change makers in identifying how they can effectively communicate who they are and what they do in the media, online, at public events and in their everyday life. If you have a big speech, if you want to completely shift or maximise the way you connect with others, find your voice or inspire on a wider scale, look no further.


I have had the privilege to work with exceptional inspiring clients such as the World Economic Forum, Vodafone, Eon, SECO, Sant'Anna University, Talent Garden and many more. Each program is designed bespoke, as in many years of experience I have learned that there are no two businesses or two individuals with the same needs, goals, talents and way of working. My expertise as an individual and our expertise as a team at S-GNATURE allows us to deliver one of a kind programs to truly suit our client's needs and ways of working.


To achieve best results, my team and I often work with psychometric assessments such as the Hogan Assessment, Belbin, PI, Gallup and more depending on goals and needs.


If you are already working with external providers and would like to continue your work with them we are happy to support you by partnering with them and ensuring we achieve impactful results.

To learn more about our team please check out our corporate website S-GNATURE.

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