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A powerful delivery of your message can establish who you are as a person, and as a leader.

Whether your goal is to perfect your public speaking skills or to build your confidence on a stage or in a board room, mastering effective communication stems from who You are as a person and as a leader. By leveraging your unique set of skills, personality and talents, we will work towards delivering storytelling to persuade, influence, inspire and lead your listeners. 

How can we partner to achieve powerful results?

  • Self awareness: know who you are as a presenter

  • Posture: project a positive image

  • Vocal training

  • Breathing, tension release, relaxation/movement

  • Speaking with confidence

  • Designing your delivery style

  • Delivering a powerful opening and closing

  • Knowing your audience

  • Visual aids that enhance your speech

  • Directing your energy to the audience

  • Keeping your audience captivated

  • Managing the unexpected

  • Handling questions

  • Pre-stage routine

  • International communication - for executives speaking to multi-cultural audiences

By working together you will discover the incredible power of communication and this experience can revolutionize your personal and professional life.

Together, we can work both on the how but also on the what, ensuring the storytelling of your message is aligned to how you deliver it.

We specialise in multi-cultural communication to ensure that the message, tone and on stage performance is effective and clear to the audience you are delivering it to. If you are delivering a speech or hosting a meeting in a second or third language, challenges may arise in both the way in which you tell a story and in the way in which it is perceived. Your self confidence may be lower and the overall impact will be affected. We specialise in turning this around, to ensure language and culture become your asset instead of your barrier.

Whether you are an executive, an entrepreneur or an artist, if you want to be prepared for small and large scale presentations, for keynote speeches, pitches, TED talks, or simply for better communication with your team or in the board room, be prepared to see first hand  results from your first session.

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