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Executive coaching is the art of unlocking people's potential to maximize their own performance.

Where I am today

Where I want to be



With a strong understanding of where you are now, where you want to be and by defining what your goals and objectives are, coaching provides you with practical tools to reach your desired outcomes.

The best way to grow, to feel truly fulfilled and to create the life you envision is to have a deep understanding of who you are today and a clear view of where you want to be tomorrow. If you are ready for the next step in your career and in your personal life, if you feel like you are only using a small portion of your full potential, you owe it to yourself to take your talent to the next level.

We believe embarking on a coaching journey can be a great tool to deliver a personal branding strategy that is authentic and that can change the way in which you communicate and are perceived by the world that surrounds you.

Alessandra is a powerful coach who combines natural empathy and creativity to a solid grasp of strategy and results delivery. She loves to lead talent towards the fulfillment of his/her full potential.

When you embark on this journey of self discovery, Alessandra will provide you with tools for you to become self aware, strong and ready to take on any challenge you set for yourself. As a leader and manager Alessandra uses a coaching and mentoring style, mentoring men and women in managerial positions from junior to board level, entrepreneurs and artists both formally and informally with a particular interest in helping them develop their own leadership style.



  • Improvement in performance, targets and goals

  • Increased openness to personal learning and development

  • Increased ability to identify solutions

  • Greater ownership and responsibility

  • Development of self-awareness

  • Improvement of specific skills or behaviour

  • Greater clarity in roles and objectives

  • The opportunity to correct behaviour/performance difficulties


  • Allows full use of individual’s talents/potential

  • Higher organisational performance/productivity

  • Increased creativity, learning and knowledge

  • Motivates people

  • Improves relationships between people and departments

  • Establish and take action towards achieving goals

  • Gain more job and life satisfaction

  • Communicate more effectively

Are you ready for the next chapter in your life?
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